Australian Labradoodle Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Australian Labradoodle easy to train? Are there many health issues? How much grooming do Australian labradoodles need? FAQ’s here.

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What are Australian Labradoodles?

Australian Labradoodles were originally bred for people who needed a service dog but suffered from dog allergies. 

Crossing Labradors; Poodles; American and English Cocker Spaniels; Irish Water Spaniels; and Curly-Coated Retrievers; a new, hypoallergenic breed was created that also prioritized temperament, resulting in a hypoallergenic, service dog.

How to select an Australian Labradoodle puppy that matches me?

It is vital to tell us as much as possible about your environment and what, exactly, you desire in your new family member. In doing so, we will have all aspects clear that help us to make the perfect fit, as each pup has its own character.

If you choose to adopt a puppy with us, we will assist you with a comprehensive form to tell us more about your needs. Once the puppies are born, we will match them with our knowledge and temperament testing.

What do Australian Labradoodles eat?

Generally, Australian Labradoodles are not fussy, so they are likely to accept most diets. However, diet and health are very linked. Modern dog diets have led to dogs suffering from modern human diseases. 

We highly recommend a biologically appropriate raw food diet for optimum health and vitality. This is how our Australian Labradoodles are weaned. We do not recommend grain-based food as their main diet; it is not natural and is linked with inflammation and chronic disease.

Are all your Australian Labradoodle puppies toilet trained?

Yes. All our puppies are toilet trained to our environment. So basically, they are 95% toilet trained with a super easy method for you to complete their training at home, making this usually a very easy task for you. Check out our reviews to see just how successful this has been for numerous people.

Can Australian Labradoodles be left alone?

Yes. They can be left alone, though it is a sociable breed. The length of time that the dog can be left alone depends upon the individual character and the training.

Whilst they can be left alone, remember, they were bred to be service dogs, so their instinct to be with their people is very strong!

Therefore, get them used to time alone from the start, and if you are going to be away from them more than 20 hours a week, this is not the breed for you.

Generally, no. The coat of an Australian Labradoodle is non-shedding and hypoallergenic. This seems to have a positive affect on the smell.

However, it is recommended to frequently maintain their hair. Their diet also makes a difference regarding the smell. Raw feeding helps this.

In selecting Australian Labradoodle puppies that may be suitable for breeding, we look at conformity, temperament, bone structure, early strength, and newborn vitality. As well, we personally use the knowledge as a stock man of a farmer local to us who is a national judge for farming shows and is highly respected in this field. We also undergo extensive health and genetic testing and do pedigree research to ensure low inbreeding.

We breed our Australian Labradoodle puppies according to a carefully composed guide. Here, you can read more about the steps in our guide.

Are you searching for an Australian Labradoodle? Then, do not hesitate to contact Derbyshire Doodles to match you with a healthy, well-bred puppy. 

We will find out about your family sitaution, your activity levels, your experience as dog owners and match that to the personality of our puppies to help narrow down which puppies will be a goo match.

The puppy that suits a first time owner, or a retired couple, a family with a special needs child, or someone who wants to train for  agility will all be different