Breeding Puppies

The True Expenses of Breeding Puppies

These expenses include all necessary veterinarian care, premium food, insurance, cleaning, expert services, dog care, training, health inspections, and equipment. Your dedication ensures that our breeding dogs and puppies are healthy and in a protective environment under the care of an expert.


Veterinary Care - £2,700

It is crucial to protect breeding dogs’ and puppies’ health. It consists:

Veterinary Care

Insurance and Licensing - £3,400

Responsible breeding program operation requires these expenses:

Dog insurance includes liability and medical coverage for three dogs.
Business insurance provides a defence against unanticipated responsibilities.
Observance of regional laws is needed for council licensing.
Joining and registering with the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association, or WALA Registration
quality dog food

High-Quality Food - £2,700

A healthy diet is important for dogs and puppies to grow and develop properly. We provide premium food specific to your dog’s needs and promote healthy chewing and dental habits in puppies to help them grow into robust development.

Training, Dog Care, Walking, and Grooming – £3,000

With the investments in training, dog care, walking, and grooming, all dogs in the breeding program are certain to be healthy, well-behaved, and given the proper care. Never leave a puppy alone for longer than two hours or a dog for four hours. We are professionals in caring for your dog and puppies.